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Who’s R?

Hey, how’s it going?

I’m Ralph. Friends call me R. I’m glad you stopped by my blog. I hope you enjoy it and come back.

I’ve got a lot of different things that I’ve blogged about and I’m sure you’ll find something that is interesting to you.

I’m a retired IT guy. Yeah, pretty much a geek. I worked in Silicon Valley for about a hundred years before retiring and starting to develop other interests that I never had time to develop while I was working.

gardening R

An interest area that I have had for a long time has been in the area of landscaping and gardening.

I did some landscaping and gardening in my home near the Silicon Valley, but not nearly as much as I wanted to do. There just wasn’t time for that. But I went to lectures and seminars, I went to landscaping shows and garden shows, and attended various events that just whet my appetite even more.

I moved to Florida and settled in the central part of the state. It was a pretty big change from where I had lived in California but I’ve gotten used to it and I like it now.

I have a fairly simple home in terms of design and am starting from scratch and doing landscaping and plantings outside.

So that tells you a little bit about me and that particular interest of mine.

That’s what this blog site started out being about. But, as you will be able to see if you poke around at all, I have expanded my topics to include everything from landscaping to cooking to kayaking to IT.

Yeah, It’s true. Even though I got out of IT as a career, I guess it was in my blood because I still think about it and I blog about it.

So anyway I invite you to browse my categories and find ones that interest you and check out what I have to say. I enjoy getting comments from my readers and I respond to those comments as much as I can. I have a lot of readers so I can’t always respond to everything, but I do like the dialogue so if you have a thought or a disagreement or an agreement, post it in the comments section and I’ll get back to you with a response as soon as I can.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. Have an awesome day.


P.S. I forgot to say one thing about the URL for this site. I had a few of them I could pick from, and I had decided on one that was representative of my interest in landscaping. I had selected that one, but somehow (don’t ask me how; I’m an IT guy and it still mystifies me how it happened) it disappeared from the field and this cultural heritage trails one replaced it.

I guess it was meant to be, because it shouldn’t have happened and it did. Like I said, it’s a mystery. But oh well. It doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things!