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Having the right lawyers on your side when it matters:

When I was working in the Silicon Valley, I had a legal issue come up that I tried to get resolved there. It ended up being something that dragged on for a while. Not a giant issue but just a dumb thing that went on and on.


I won’t go into the details here because they don’t matter any more and I don’t feel like remembering them anyway.

The reason I’m even bringing that situation up is that a thread of it apparently unraveled and I had to deal with it again.

So I decided I needed to find an international law firm with a local office. I needed one that really knew their stuff and had an experienced cadre of attorneys. I specifically needed a firm that practiced international wealth management and international estate planning. One that also was strong in corporate law was fairly essential also. really stood out to me.

The other firm that I saw that had a strong position was A couple more worth noting are: and

My issue wasn’t in the area of personal injury claims or personal injury settlements, and I didn’t need personal injury insurance or a personal injury calculator.

I did a basic Google search for best law firm and for best law firm Orlando. I also asked around. I finally found a firm and the rest is as they say…history. I don’t really want to share who I ended up going with, but let’s just say it was a good move.

I say it that way because the attorneys I found knew their stuff and helped me completely resolve that loose thread. I think that whole issue is finally completely resolved and won’t come up any more.

It just goes to show—and I guess this is the point I’m getting around to making—that when you have the right people on your side, you can get stuff done. The right people may not be the cheapest ones around, but you get what you pay for, and if competency costs a little extra, that’s fine.

In my case, this silly situation that should have been resolved years ago finally got taken care of. I would have paid this firm double what they actually charged me just to get out from under the unresolved and recurring silliness!

I learned the lesson years ago about paying for quality. I came from a background where you do everything as cheaply as possible, but I learned very early on that cheap is not necessarily smart. You can buy something that’s cheap, but if it fails and then you have to buy a second duplicate item, then you have just basically paid double for two crummy-quality products. If you had paid that amount from the get-go for a better-quality product, you would still have it and would also have not gone through the frustration of the item breaking and having to go out and replace it.

Now, I know that sometimes finances dictate what kind of quality you can and cannot afford. If all you have is $4 for a mop, then that’s all you have. If you simply must have a mop, you have to buy the $4 cheap mop. If you have $12, then you can buy the better-quality Tornado mop that will last you three times as long and do a superior job. But only if you have the $12.

So I get that.

Anyway, that’s my little soapbox for today.

Have a good one!

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