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I thought I’d kinda start this blog off showcasing some of the reasons that really were game changers for me when it came to deciding where to retire to.

Here are some of the videos. I hope you enjoy.

Safety was a big issue for me as I age. I felt like Florida had a lot to offer. Let’s face it as we age, things are a little different and as a man in my twenties I rarely thought about how safe I was. It was everyone else that needed to be afraid, wink. But at my age now, it’s a little different. I kind of just want to head out in my later years with enjoyment and peace of mind.

Not sure how to make the sizes straight, but you will get the point.

Look how beautiful kayaking can be in Florida. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever dreamed of doing.

and if you are inclined there is a whole new trending sport of kayak fishing. Take a look at how it’s done below.

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