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Having the right lawyers on your side when it matters:

When I was working in the Silicon Valley, I had a legal issue come up that I tried to get resolved there. It ended up being something that dragged on for a while. Not a giant issue but just a dumb thing that went on and on.


I won’t go into the details here because they don’t matter any more and I don’t feel like remembering them anyway.

The reason I’m even bringing that situation up is that a thread of it apparently unraveled and I had to deal with it again.

So I decided I needed to find an international law firm with a local office. I needed one that really knew their stuff and had an experienced cadre of attorneys. I specifically needed a firm that practiced international wealth management and international estate planning. One that also was strong in corporate law was fairly essential also. really stood out to me.

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Hey all!

Here’s a little story I wrote just for you guys . . . . just trying my hand at it. Let me know what you think.

wings for me

* * *

Life before the operation was so different. No looks in the street. No sideways glances. Just a normal life.

Just a normal teen. That’s what I was before. That’s what I lost.

On the other side, there are some people in the world that would kill for the opportunity that was thrust upon me.

What a strange thing to say. It’s true though. The opportunity was thrust upon me. I should probably explain my position rather than ramble on without context.

The year is 2050. The date is July 5th. My name is John, and I have wings.

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Today I’m feeling sciencey.

I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m feeling it. I’m also in the mood to debunk some great movies and make all of my readers mad at me. Sounds fun, right?

The thing is, the more I watch these time traveling movies, the more I think about the impossibilities incorporated in them. I mean, I’m not here to talk about Doctor Who or something clearly non-fiction, I’m talking about these new movies claiming realism while time traveling.


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I’ve just been up in Virginia in the Lynchburg area visiting my son and his wife. They have just moved back from Hawaii and are settling in back on the mainland.

I went up to help them move in and to see their new digs.

The house they moved into was built in 1952 and was purchased about six months ago by a couple who had planned to flip it. They got it all fixed up and then, for some reason that’s not quite clear to me, they decided not to sell it and instead to hold it as a rental. So my son and his wife were the couple that they chose to rent their home.

It’s an older home which you can tell in the design of the house and in features like the great molding that is around every window. It looks like it has the original wood floors also.

But you can also see that someone has come in and fixed it up. There is new siding, new carpet, new bathroom fixtures, new kitchen sink and counters, and new appliances.

Outside the house, the owners basically took everything back to minimal and took out whatever growth and shrubbery had been there. So it’s pretty much a blank slate in terms of landscaping.

There are a few azalea bushes in the back and there is a spectacular big live oak tree in the front which obviously would not be easy or desirable to pull out.


The yard in the back is mostly grass. It slopes up and has bamboo all across the back as a natural divider between the property and the property in the back.

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I thought I’d kinda start this blog off showcasing some of the reasons that really were game changers for me when it came to deciding where to retire to.

Here are some of the videos. I hope you enjoy.

Safety was a big issue for me as I age. I felt like Florida had a lot to offer. Let’s face it as we age, things are a little different and as a man in my twenties I rarely thought about how safe I was. It was everyone else that needed to be afraid, wink. But at my age now, it’s a little different. I kind of just want to head out in my later years with enjoyment and peace of mind.

Not sure how to make the sizes straight, but you will get the point.

Look how beautiful kayaking can be in Florida. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever dreamed of doing.

and if you are inclined there is a whole new trending sport of kayak fishing. Take a look at how it’s done below.

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