Discover the secret history of the Kingdom and Kabakas of Buganda

The Kabaka’s Trail offers a unique journey through Buganda’s rich heritage, shaped by the region’s kings and their descendants.

Much more than just sight-seeing, the Trail gives you a chance to learn about the hidden and forgotten history of Buganda, as well as to experience an authentic, traditional culture — with dance, music, craft-making, spiritual healing and story telling.

The Trail links a series of cultural sites, all of which are within easy reach of Kampala. Each can be visited on its own, or as part of the whole Trail — you decide!

Experience a rich and authentic culture, learn about forgotten times and come face-to-face with ancient traditions and ceremonies.

The Kabaka's Trial - an unforgettable experience.
For more information about the region please visit:
Uganda Tourist Board (UTB)
Monarchies of Uganda
Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA)